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Hello Beloved Community,


 It is with a sad heart that I write this update. We are closing our brick and mortar location permanently. As much as I wish this weren't the case, maintaining the studio space is no longer possible for so many reasons. The financial weight of the studio makes closing a relief...the rest of the feelings are much more challenging to navigate. I also know that I cannot, in good conscience, allow people to come into a space that might in some way endanger the life force of the humans we work so hard to support. As far as I can see, Covid-19 has not been harnessed enough for us to open without significant risk. I am a student/teacher of yoga first and because of this, I must honor life within the foundations of Ahimsa, non-harming.

So in light of this new reality, we are transitioning to a 100% online studio where we will continue to evolve our YTT's and continuing education trainings. We hope you will continue to practice with us as we evolve online.  


 For the past 6 1/2 years, this space has been many things to me and you, our family of students. It has been home, refuge, nest, sanctuary, a grounding space, a space for community, a place that has held our laughter and our tears. Relationships have flourished and also ended here. We have lived fully and completely together. It has been a haven for many transformations for me and for you, a magical space of becoming. I've always believed that Liberation did not belong to me but to us; me, you, and our community. It has its own Prana, its own inhale and exhale, that I believe has been deeply rooted in LOVE. I know the heart of this space will live through each of us as we evolve into this new way of being and I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity Liberation has given me, you, us. I believe this space has held us well. 


THANK YOU, our community, for the love, time and care you have given me and Liberation. I have so much appreciation for how well you have all lived your practice. How beautifully you have weaved the fabric of yoga with us. The imprint you have left on this space will be felt by those that follow us. 


 Here are some specifics: The physical location will be closing within the next three weeks. We will be selling some of the props and furniture. If there is anything you need for your personal practice, let us know. We are still offering few bundles. 


Please let me know if you have ANY questions. I am happy to answer. 


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all you've given us. 

Love you all so much,



Liberation Yoga is an Online Yoga studio that exists for the sole purpose of creating Unity. By the very nature of its definition, yoga means “to bring together.” This inspires and informs how we teach and how we practice. Through the lens of the heart, the movement of asana and the study of yoga’s principles,

we bring the body and mind into greater union.


We are blessed to have  our incredibly talented yoga instructors call Liberation home. Our teachers have traveled the world through their practice and bring incredible knowledge and passion to their classes.

Through the studio's classes, workshops and other events, Liberation Yoga cultivates a practice that allows people to simply yet deeply access and connect more lovingly with their authentic power and spirit.

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