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Upcoming Trainings with Raquel

- Peru January 4th - 27th 2022 with Indra Yoga Institute -

- India February 2022 with SYI - 

Indra Yoga Institute focuses on supporting and strengthening understanding of your unique role as a holistic health practitioner and community leader. We aim to empower you to feel confident sharing the true essence of Yoga, far beyond asana and allowing these ancient practices to become accessible for wider and more diverse circles of community.

Indra's 300-hour program focuses on Ayurveda, Trauma-Informed Training, Social Justice Responsibility, Raja style of Asana and Sequencing, Chinese Medicine Wisdom, Yoga for Addiction, Yoga for bigger bodies and so much more. We are committed to more diverse representation through empowering BIPOC, LGBTQ and different-abled wellness community leaders through our grant program. Additionally, we have government funding opportunities for Veterans and spouses of Veterans. We are deeply committed to our environmental impact and offset all carbon credits for facilitator travel and are involved with a number of organizations fighting to create necessary environmental awareness and change. As an alumni of Indra, we have an ongoing support platform for a year following your immersion program, allowing you to participate in rich 1:1 discussion, monthly guest teacher calls and mentorship and teaching opportunities. Learn more about our full diverse facilitator team here.
For almost 20 years, School Yoga Institute has been guiding students to realize and step into their own unique practice as teachers, healers, and empowered individuals seeking to create impactful change in their community. We are a spiritually focused organization of facilitators and family who are brought together on a foundation of love, radical self-acceptance, personal growth, and deep connection.

SYI’s Yoga Teacher Training courses cover much more than the movement based practice of Asana we have come to know as yoga in the west. During the training, students will be introduced to concepts of the ancient yogic path including pranayama, meditation, yogic diet, cleansing practices, the science of Ayurveda and the study of the ancient wisdom of the Yoga Sutras. Students will also learn Art of Teaching and Art of Touch for many asanas. The programs not only qualify students to teach yoga internationally, but also share ancient wisdom and modern day applicable lifestyle skills that awaken students to their inner peace and true purpose (Dharma). SYI’s aim in facilitating these powerful Yoga Teacher Trainings is to encourage and empower students to give themselves permission to think outside of the box and align with their dreams.

Learn more about our teachers! Check out this video!


Scholarship and Grant Program

The Indra scholarship exchange and grant program creates opportunities for those who would otherwise not be able to attend this high-quality advanced teacher training. We are committed to creating diverse representation in the wellness industry and finding creative ways to support those who are committed to continuing their education and serving their community.

Please complete the application below to be considered for grant or scholarship exchange to supplement a portion of the training expense. Upon receiving your application, we will be in touch to connect over zoom and support you in finding the right program for you.

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