Your new h(om)e.

Yoga connects you with the only thing you can actually do something about, the data of your own experience.


Liberation Yoga exists for the sole purpose of creating unity.This inspires how we teach and how we practice. We believe that being a welcoming online environment allows us the room and space to see and connect to others, even through the ethers. We do this through the lens of the heart, the movement of asana and the study of yoga’s principles rooted in India.


We want everyone and everyBODY to feel a sense of belonging at Liberation. All souls share the same home regardless of lifestyle, race, creed, or belief. We strive to support you in bringing spirit, body and mind into greater union. This realization comes with patient practice and study, and internalizing the principles of yoga grants us greater peace and deeper understanding. A complete practice brings together the physical, spiritual and mental components of yoga and elevates the yogi to a state of grace, a place where we are fully generous and loving. As a studio, we are honored to share a practice that was cultivated in South Asia and are blessed to share its wisdom and teachings.

We are committed to honoring Yoga's roots and heritage. 


Supporting you in your personal Liberation is our greatest privilege. 


We are blessed to have so many of Nashville’s most talented yoga instructors call Liberation home. Our teachers have traveled the world through their practice and bring incredible knowledge and passion to their classes. 


Leading the online studio is Raquel, who creates a home that brings to life the holistic and healing nature of yoga. Raquel’s approach integrates real-life experience and the science and philosophy of yoga; enhancing a mental, physical and spiritual context for our body and mind in the world.


I was always drawn to yoga. I've spent a lifetime fully wanting to incorporate it into my daily habits but only half committing.... Raquel provided me a space that was safe and honest to come learn and be vulnerable. Every time I practice with Raquel, I feel both inspired to do more, be more and see more about who I am as a whole person.

Lisa Donovan


Raquel’s commitment and devotion to the local Yoga community has enabled her to create a Yoga Studio that includes many of Nashville’s top yoga teachers. Whether you are contemplating attending your first yoga class or your hundredth, Liberation Yoga Studio in Nashville will feed your body and soul.

Corrine Champigny

Owner & Teacher, Ivy House

Liberation Yoga is more than a great place to practice yoga, it's a community of wholehearted people who welcome and honor each other. Whether you're a first timer or experienced practitioner, there are classes and teachers for everyone's needs. 

Deb Palmer George

Organizational Consultant CEO, 

Palmer Solutions