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Raquel began practicing in a studio over 20 years ago, when she signed up for an Iyengar yoga class with Jan Campbell in Nashville, TN. The precision of the practice along with the challenge to connect spiritually resonated profoundly within her. After moving back to her hometown of Los Angeles, Raquel was fortunate enough to experience a multitude of approaches and styles. Alongside her passion for yoga, she began the practice of Zen Buddhism; taking her Buddhist precepts (Jukai) in 2002.
Inspired by art, creativity and also by her many teachers (yoga and otherwise, including her mentor and friend, Saul David Raye), Raquel creates a practice that brings to life the holistic and healing nature of yoga. Her faith in the practice of "allowing" inspires people to simply yet deeply access and connect more passionately with their authentic strength, vulnerability, and spirit. This approach, coupled with her background in Zen Buddhism has allowed her to find a natural synergy between yoga and an inner connection. Her teaching style integrates real-life experience and the science and philosophy of yoga; enhancing a spiritual, mental and physical context for your body and mind in the world.
Raquel is the creator of Liberation Yoga Studio in Nashville, YTT Soul Migration creator and teacher, co-teacher to Saul David Raye for the Atma YTT as well as a seasonal guest teacher on Martha’s Vineyard; conducting a multitude of soul-based workshops. Raquel studies mantra with Vedic Priest, Shiva Kumar, Vedanta with Jyothi Chalam, and makes annual pilgrimages to India as well as being a student of herbalism. Raquel is humbled and honored by her students and how profoundly the practice of teaching has influenced her as a constant student of this amazing and beautiful life.

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Donna has been studying yoga, meditation and holistic healing for over 20 years. Teaching for 10 years, she brings a holistic, embodied approach, guiding her students to practice from a place of intuitive exploration and personal freedom. With over 500 hours of yoga training, she is currently working towards a 1000 hour certification in Viniyoga therapy, her teachings evolve to offer the healing power of yoga to all. 

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Teacher | YTT Facilitator


Melissa is a new Nashville resident originally from NYC! She found yoga at the age of 12 as a journey to heal her childhood illnesses. Through this journey, yoga helped to form her adulthood and transformed the way she viewed her body, mind and soul. She is blessed to have received training from Nataraja Yoga Center, YogaWorks NYC, as well as Integral Yoga NYC for her prenatal teaching certification. She aspires to make the practice of yoga accessible for all while still exploring the rich history and culture. Melissa teaches all ages and abilities - her classes are innovative, emotional, and empowering.

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Bharati Gokhale (PT, tDPT, WCS, CYT), a physical therapist who is certified in women's health physical therapy and also has certification in Viniyoga, Hatha yoga, and Yin Yoga.

She and her family (husband and 2 children) have lived in Nashville now for 18 years. Along with teaching yoga, she loves to travel and try different cuisines. She is passionate about Women’s health issues mainly pelvic health issues and works with that population as a physical therapist at St. Thomas Hospital (Ascension).


She also has started her own company Symbiotic Yoga through which she sees clients who have various health issues and want to do yoga but unable to join the classes. She works with them to help them get back to the community classes and/or create their own personalized practice.


Teacher | YTT Facilitator


Robbie Short has practiced yoga for 20 years, teaching for 17, and owned the studio Half Moon Yoga in Franklin for over 12 years. She received her 200 RYT and meditation teacher training from the Paramahansa Yogananda tradition in CA and completed her 500 RYT through the Asheville Yoga Center. She has studied with many styles and teachers and created her signature style Blissful Flow that blends Ananda and Vinyasa yoga. Robbie brings substance to the class by going above & beyond just the physical aspects. Her classes are usually themed around what’s showing up in life and how to bring the deeper aspects of the teachings into practice. Before teaching yoga, Robbie traveled across the world as a flight attendant. Now Robbie enjoys guiding people towards the inner quest of their own heart and soul. 

Robbie Michelle Short


Liz received her Masters at Columbia and has been an educator for twelve years. While teaching high school History in the inner city of New York, she began leading yoga classes after school. Yoga helped her students overcome emotional obstacles and fall in love with their lives again. Thus motivated by her experience, she received certification from Laughing Lotus yoga studio in New York City. Her practical approach and off-beat hip demeanor make Liz’s classes fun and inviting. She loves a challenge and will be sure to push your practice to the extremes, but with humor and lighthearted playfulness.

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Jourdan fell in love with yoga after experiencing the many benefits it brought to her physical body, and then quickly noticed those same benefits weaving into other, less material, parts of her life, allowing for expansion and growth in ways she hadn’t expected. This led her to pursue her practice as a student for nearly a decade before stepping into the role of teacher.

She completed her 200 hour certification with Linda Fenelon at NuPower Yoga in 2018 and is currently pursuing her 300 hour certification with Raquel Bueno (Liberation Yoga) and Linda Fenelon (NuPower Yoga). Jourdan is also certified in Yin Yoga through Melissa Christiansen. 


Jourdan’s classes are as challenging as they are grounding and students can expect to enjoy the balance between effort and ease in each of her sequences as well as her playlists. One of her main goals as a teacher is to foster an environment where students feel safe and inspired, and one where students are able to connect to themselves and to others through their practice.


When she’s not on her mat, you can find Jourdan doing anything she can to help animals, putting her love and her seva into action.

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Hailey Reynolds found yoga 10 years ago during a summer internship in college. She stepped into her first yoga studio looking for exercise and a community away from home, but quickly realized she had discovered a completely new path in her life. Hailey immediately experienced the integrative healing that was unique to Yoga in both a physiological and psychological sense and has been on her mat ever since. 

Putting her practice as a student first, she continued to attend many trainings across yoga disciplines in Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee before completing her 200 hour certification with her teacher, Linda Fenelon at NuPower Yoga in 2018. She is currently pursuing her 300 hour certification with Raquel Bueno (Liberation Yoga) and Linda Fenelon (NuPower Yoga). Hailey is also certified in Yin Yoga through Melissa Christiansen. 

Hailey teaches from a functional perspective, combining form and movement in creative sequences with accessible cues, giving her students space for exploration while offering insightful guidance along the way. Her passion lies in bridging the intersection of the metaphysical and philosophical aspects of Yoga and the anatomical systems embodied on a scientific level.

Hailey Reynolds


RHi, my name is Lindsey! I am a RYT 500 instructor and I have been consistently practicing yoga for the last 6 years. Yoga has brought so much light into my life as well as a wonderful Nashville community of some truly amazing humans! Since 2015, I have been living in Nashville with my silly pup named Leia but originally I am from New York. When I am not on my mat, you can find me outside exploring, reading, cooking and traveling with my boyfriend Carson. I loveee to travel and explore the world so please share your favorite travels with me! My current favorite pose is pigeon...yes, you read that right :) and I can’t wait to meet you all in the coming weeks!

Lindsey Walker


Kate discovered yoga 18 years ago, after her second daughter was born. Looking for some peace and centering as a young mother, Kate was immediately attracted to the calm that yoga brought to her mind, soul, and body. Wanting to share the practice with others, Kate became a certified yoga instructor, sharing yoga at studios, in high schools, and abroad with NGOs like Africa Yoga Project. Kate created Music City Yoga Festival as a fundraisor to support the mission of bringing yoga to those who can not afford it.


Kate is a 500 hr certified yoga instructor and is also certified to teach yoga to children and teens. She has studied Non-Violent Communication, Zen Buddism, and Teaching for Peace. Her Doctorate (EdD) dissertation focused on the occurance of burnout, compassion fatigue, and incivility, and how yoga and meditation strengthen resiliency for those experiences. Motivated by her belief in the transformational experience that yoga can bring to every BODY, Kate focuses on the physical asana, breathwork, and the emotional/mental benefits of moving meditation. Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

Kate Urmy