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Sun & Moon Series

DNA & Being Multiracial:

Identifying the Unknown

Jan. 27 @ 6pm CST

A Live Discussion on being Mixed Race, how we're seen and not seen. Stories of identity, belonging, and community and a way to cultivate understanding by deepening our relationships with ourselves and how we engage with the world. So much of this work is about knowing and loving ourselves more and better. It's a journey and exploration and it's better taken together! 💓💗

This month's story is about besties, Tanya & Angie and how finding belonging and knowing yourself can change through knowing your DNA. What is uncovered and how this may or may not change your perspective. Unpacking who you are as a Multicultural human is a path better walked with someone who knows you from the inside out. Sees who you are and also understands how the world sees you.

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Friends change your life, soul sisters transcend your lifestyle. Tanya and Angie are best friends and soul sisters since 2009. From deep rooted conversations, challenging new thoughts, healing traumas, feasting over tacos and kombucha, big belly laughs, and practicing yoga. Tanya and Angie have experienced each other's evolution, and grown to navigate life with the support of each other.

Hosted by Raquel Bueno, this event will be part story sharing and part digging deeper into the questions of where and how we belong. The last 30-40 minutes will be an opportunity for our community to share in this conversation.

Whether you are racially mixed and looking for community or just wanting to learn and grow , join us!